Dirección: Townhall Square 8, Tallinn

Número de telefono: +372 631 4227, +372 631 4227

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Descripción: The Maikrahv is a merry and splendid eating place where noble ladies and gentlemen, aldermen, industrious citizens, merchants from lands far away and other visitors can enjoy a good meal and a refreshing drink. The Maikrahv is directly opposite the Town Hall, on the most important square in Tallinn. The Maikrahv has another attraction besides the wonderful food: there is always merry and romantic music, selected to satisfy even the most sophisticated taste. Our decorated arched halls can accommodate up to two hundred and twenty hungry souls at once. In the nice summer weather we also offer the best nourishment on the restaurant terrace. Our tables and chairs are made of sterling oak and the porcelain plates have been made by Norwegian craftsmen especially for use by the dear guests of the Maikrahv. Servants of the house, bringing food and drink to your tables, are of proper upbringing, always of polite disposition and are well-versed in many foreign languages.